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One of the  most wonderful experiences in the city of Bogotà,  is to enjoy the view of the city  from the Hills,_5-78190-78190d_ 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ on cold nights, eating delicious food and drinking liquor, with romantic music.


The beautiful setting of Monserrate, going up the cable car and then to the Café Britol, on the First Floor of the Santa Clara Restaurant, has been chosen for the Tourists to eat some traditional Onces Santafereñas, inherited from our ancestors, since the time of the Colony of this country; they will eat a tamale of Muisca origin, accompanied by a delicios  hot chocolate, cheese  y  almojabana,


It is recommended to drink different Colombian liquors in the middle of the cold night, having fun and observing the lights of the capital,



Languages: English and Spanish
Tour Duration: 3 hours
Start time: 6:00 pm
Time and meeting point: 5:45 pm at the Monserrate Ticket Office
End time: 9:00 pm
days: Wednesday
Minimum participants: 3 adults per language.


Monserrate Nightlife

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