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solo travelers

Colombia, due to its biodiversity,  is a favorite place for Solo Travelers and for this reason, we have designed Tours according to preferences in the categories of Nature, Adventure, Culture,and Nightlife.

You can find tours of 1 day, several days and Vacations.

Tiuma Park (2).jpg
Spectacled Parrotlet_IMG_2227 (1).jpg
el encanto de guanapalo 5.jpeg

 Travelers can find a lot of different temperatures, altitude,  Vegetation, animals and gorgeous landscapes.

We have 2 Oceans, the Amazonas and Choco Jungels, 3 Deserts, the Ndes , Caribe and Pacific Oceans.

Every zone, that travlers visit, has  different rwces, culture, food,  Music  and beautiful towns.

Welcome to the Second most biodiversity Country in the world.

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